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What is Telehealth and how can I prepare for a Telehealth consultation?

Telehealth is a virtual appointment whereby you attend via video or phone instead of in person at our rooms. Specialised Urology utilises Telehealth in eligible circumstances where a patient is unable to attend the rooms due to location barriers, health status and was/is regularly used whilst navigating changes due to COVID19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.    

We conduct our secure Telehealth consultations through our practice management software. Standard fees and charges apply and must be paid on the day of consultation. 

Just prior to your appointment we will send you SMS/email with an invitation (link) to 'join a meeting with Specialised Urology' this will then take you to our virtual wait room. You may be asked to allow your camera/microphone permissions so we can hear/see you.  Adee will then commence the consultation when he is ready.

We ask if you are a new patient that you ensure you have completed your patient registration forms prior to your consultation. More information on this can be found under the 'For Patients' and 'Patient Forms' section tab of our website. 

PLEASE NOTE: We ask that you are patient, some appointments may take longer than we expect and therefore may delay Adee seeing you at the prearranged time.   

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