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Specialised Urology has a zero tolerance policy for abusive or threatening behaviour against our staff.  Should we deem your behaviour inappropriate, threatening or abusive you will be discharged from our care immediately and asked to leave the premise. Should you fail to do so, the police will be called. We are not under any obligation to accept patient care. 

We are here to provide you with respectful, compassionate care and expect the same in return.

Q: Does the practice bulk bill?

Specialised Urology is not a bulk billing practice. However, should you be experiencing financial hardship please call the practice to discuss further.

Both Ballarat & Geelong Hospitals provide public outpatient clinics. 

Q: Is there any Medicare rebate on consultations?

Most appointments attract a Medicare rebate. It is always recommended you contact the rooms to discuss prior to your appointment for confirmation.

Q: Do I have to pay on the day of my appointment?

We ALWAYS require payment on the day of your appointment. Should you be experiencing financial hardship please contact the Practice Manager to discuss your situation further prior to your appointment. 

Q: How do I book initial consultation?

You require a referral from your GP to book an appointment with Specialised Urology. They can be faxed, emailed or posted to us. For more information please visit the 'For Referrers' section of this website.

Q: What is the duration of a consultation?

An initial consultation is scheduled for 20mins. Any review or post operative consultations are scheduled for 10mins.

Some consultations make take longer than the allocated time which means we occasionally run behind time. We appreciate your patience and understanding that some appointments may require longer than the expected time allocation for various reasons. 

Q: Do I need to bring anything to my initial consultation?

At all appointments we require you bring your Medicare card, any valid pensioner/disability/DVA or Private Health cards you may posses. 

Generally you will have received a registration form to complete and bring with you on the day of your appointment. If not, we will have you complete one when you arrive.

Initial consultations can sometimes be a little daunting. If you have specific questions we recommend you write them out and bring them along. Sometimes it can be helpful to attend your appointment with a family member or a close friend who can lend another set of ears.

Q: Is there cancellation policy?

Yes, we require 24hrs notice for cancellation or changes or to your appointment to avoid our cancellation fee of $30.00.

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Q: Will I be charged a gap if I am privately insured and I require an operation?   

A: Sometimes there is a 'gap' between what you are charged, and what Medicare & your private health fund rebate, this is known as out of pocket expense or a gap charge. Not every operation attracts an out of pocket expense but it is best to discuss this by contacting the Practice Manager or by asking at the time of your appointment.    

Q: Do you perform Vasectomy procedure? 

A: Yes, we provide a vasectomy service under specialist care in a number of hospitals, with the help of an anaethetist. For more information on our vasectomy service, please visit the 'Services' section of this website or contact the rooms so we can assist you with your enquiry further.  

Q: Do you perform vasectomy reversal?

A: Yes. Vasectomy reversals as the name suggests, is a procedure to reverse a vasectomy operation. This procedure is a relatively expensive and we suggest contacting the rooms to discuss further.

Q: Does Mr. Adee Davidson operate in public hospital?

A: Adee operates in various public hospitals around the region. We suggest you contact the practice to discuss which location may meet your requirements best.

Q: What hospitals does Mr Adee Davidson operate in? 

A: Adee operates in the following locations:

- Warrnambool (Private)

- Hamilton (Public)

- Portland (Public)

- Melbourne (Private)

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