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How is COVID19 (Coronavirus) affecting the way we see patients?

As a referring practitioner you may well understand the COVID19 pandemic has forced us to change the way we interact with patients. We are now consultating via Telehealth, Phone and face to face consultations. 

For Referrers: Headliner
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For Referrers

Patient Centered Care

For Referrers: Services

Referral Protocol

Helping Patients Get Healthy

Should you wish to refer a patient, we currently accept referrals via

  • Fax (preferred)

  • Mail

Once received, the referral is triaged and categorised in order of urgency. The patient is then contacted directly with an appointment either by phone, email, SMS or a posted letter. If the referral is urgent the referring GP/Specialist is more than welcome to contact the rooms/Adee to discuss concerns further.

We have created an online referral template to make referring patients easier. To refer a patient simply click the button below and follow the prompts

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Working together to help our patients

You may assist your patient by ordering problem-specific investigations, as outlined below. By providing this information at the time of referral or requesting appropriate radiology/pathology we can save the patient potential delays.

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