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Stent Symptoms

Stents are small plastic tubes sometimes inserted into your urinary tract to avoid blockages after such procedures ureteroscopies, often performed when treating kidney stones.

Stents often stays in place for 4-7days and up to several weeks if required. The stent

  • Works towards controlling swelling

  • Allows the kidney to drain effectively 

  • Promotes healing of the urinary tract 

  • Assists patients in passing kidney stones.  

Stents can sometimes be uncomfortable and you may experience some of the following symptoms:

  • Passing blood in the urine, sometimes accompanied by a burning sensation

  • Feeling of wanting to go to the toilet more frequently 

  • Bladder muscle spasm

  • Feeling of pain/discomfort in lower back/abdomen and flank regions.  

You should contact your GP or head to your nearest hospital should you experience the following:

  • Fevers/Sweats/Chills - temperature over 37.8 degrees

  • Cannot tolerate food/fluids

  • Excessive blood (thick, so that you cannot see through) or clots in urine. 

  • Pain relief is not effective 

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